From the Dr. Seuss Tesla Model S Owner’s Guide: Rear-Facing Child Seats


Facing rear is facing best
In child seats, in Model S
The best is back and facing rear
The front’s behind, not here you steer
Rear-facing seats are grown-up, large
See where we ride as we discharge

Sit in the seat and be with us all
To Boy Scouts and Greenpeace
Supercharge at the mall
But not if too big, too short, tall or small
Too shorty, low-voltage, too crawly, don’t squall
Room for a Becky, and next to her, Saul



Clear all connectors
All cables or toys
A place for two children
Girls, both, or boys
The seats pull up
When folded down
The seats pull up
Tesla Gray, Black, or Brown
Pull the seats up
Pull on the fob
Seats pull up
A Daddy job



Huggy belts with catchy latch
Snuggy safe the clicky ratch
Snatch the Tesla logo latch
Match the huggy logo patch
Ratch and snug the logo latch
Snatch the hatchback latchy catch
Face the back and latch the hatch



Clap our hands
Torque is throbbing
Dance our feet
Turbo clocking
EV whine
Noggins nodding
Face our faces

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