Submission Guidelines

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Your Work Has Been Accepted! Hooray!

Now what?

  • For now, RAZED isn’t in a position to pay anyone anything, including us. We pay out of our own shallow pockets to keep the site running.
  • But! You retain all rights to your work.
  • Illustrators: We strive to be matchmakers between each particular piece and your approach and style. That means some illustrators are tapped all the time, others only once in awhile. Not feeling the piece you’ve been assigned or can’t find your angle on it? You can always pass and wait for the next thing.
  • Writers: Every piece goes through editing, all edits are reviewed by the writer, and writers will always receive a preview link to review the final piece before it’s published. “Collaborative” is our middle name! And if we had a last name, we’d like it to be Zuckerberg.
  • We ask that you wait until the next issue is out before allowing any cross-posts of your writing or your illustration. We spend our time and money and our negligible social capital on making each piece killer and then we promote the bejesus out of it. So if you kick it to another site immediately (especially before we’ve even promoted your piece), it’s really not all that cool.
  • If / when you cross-post a piece, please be sure to link back to us as the original source (i.e. “This piece / this illustration originally appeared on the parenting humor site RAZED”). Writers: illustrations are never to be cross-posted without permission. Just as an illustrator should never cross-post your writing without your permission.
  • Tell all your friends! Seriously!