Fifty Shades of Richard Scarry

Best Dirty Word Book Ever!

Busty Town!

Lowly Worm Takes a Bath with Your Mom

Mmm, Postman Pig Tastes Good

Best Book of Cars That Look like Penises Ever!

Busy, Busy House of Ill Repute

The Cat Family Takes a Trip—In a Bag

Cars and Trucks and Things That Go Right Up Your Ass if You’re Not Careful

WTF, Huckle Cat?

Best Nursery Color Options as Suggested by Your Goddamn Mother-in-Law

The Bunny Book (NOT the Rabbit-Vibrator Book—I Cannot Stress This Enough)

What Do You People at the DPW Do All Day?

Farmer Pig Raises, Kills, and Eats His Own Goddamn Family

Best Read-It-Your-Fucking-Self Book Ever!

Hop Aboard! Here We Go! (Reverse-Cowgirl Edition)

Yeah, We Fucking Get it—You’re Busy

Dr. Dentist Does Bad Things While You’re Sleeping

This Mother Goose Scratch-and-Sniff Book Kinda Smells like Chicken

Mr. Fix-It Sure Does Say the F-Word a Whole Lot

Best Babysitter Ever! (Shh, Don’t Tell Your Mother)

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