Transcript, Episode 6, Season 666 of Dora the Explorer:  “Dora Visits the Underworld”


DORA and BOOTS stand in front of a grayish-black whirling vortex.

DORA: Hola! Soy Dora.

BOOTS: And I’m Boots!

DORA: Today we’re going on a trip to the underworld. It’s where people go when they die. Do you know someone who’s died?

BOOTS laughs.

DORA: Abuela died last week, taking her flan recipe with her, but Tia Rosa says Abuela promised it to her. So we’re going to get it!


DORA: Here are our friends Benny and Tico. They’re going to come with us, but Tico only speaks Spanish. Can you say inframundo? That’s underworld in Spanish.

TICO: Porque vamonos al infierno?

DORA: C’mon, vamonos!

WHOOSH sound as they enter the vortex.


BOOTS: Dora, how will we find Abuela?

DORA: She’s in Elysium, but since we don’t know how to get there, we’ll have to ask Map.

MAP enters.

MAP: Hi, I’m Map! Let’s tell Dora how to find Abuela. To get to Elysium, first they have to cross the River Styx, then the Fields of Asphodel, and then they’ll get to Elysium. Can you tell Dora? Styx, Asphodel, Elysium. Styx, Asphodel, Elysium. Styx, Asphodel, Elysium.

DORA: So first we have to cross the River Styx.

BOOTS: There’s a boat. But who’s inside it?

GRUMPY CHARON jumps from the boat and blocks their path.

GRUMPY CHARON (sings): I’m Grumpy Charon who takes you over the Styx.
I’m Grumpy Charon who takes you over the Styx. (Who died?)
If you want a ride over, all you have to do is this.
All you have to do is this. . . .
Burn. An. Offering.

DORA: That means he wants us to make a sacrifice before he’ll ferry us across.

BOOTS: But, Dora, what can we burn?

DORA: From my extensive reading I know that in ancient times people burned cows to please the gods.

BENNY starts to look uncomfortable.

DORA: What do we have that’s kind of like a cow?



DORA, BOOTS, and TICO are in the boat with GRUMPY CHARON, who wears what appear to be bull horns around his neck. Behind them on the shore is a smoldering pyre.

DORA: What’s that sound?

MOANING becomes clearer. BOOTS laughs inappropriately.

GRUMPY CHARON: Those are the souls of the dead who didn’t pay me. They are doomed to swim beneath the waters of the Styx for eternity.

TICO (pointing to the water): Mira!

BOOTS looks and immediately falls in.

Skeletal fingers reach up for BOOTS.

BOOTS: Dora, Tico, help!

DORA: En español! Remember, Tico doesn’t speak English.

BOOTS: Ayudame! Ayudame!

DORA: Let’s check Backpack!

BACKPACK (sings): Backpack, backpack.
Let’s see. What do I have that can help Dora and Tico rescue Boots from the cold grasping fingers of the unhappy dead. I have a yo-yo, a ThighMaster, and a rope. Which should they use? (waits) The rope! That’s right. Smart looking.

DORA throws the rope to BOOTS and she and TICO haul him on board.
They make it across the river and disembark.

DORA: Now where do we go? We crossed the River Styx so next we have to cross the Fields of Asphodel. Uh-oh, what’s that blocking the way?

CERBERUS stands in front of a gate.

BOOTS: It’s a three-headed dog!

TICO: Cerberus.

BOOTS: What do we do?

DORA: In order to get through the Fields of Asphodel we need to get a Golden Bough from that gate. So we need a distraction.

BOOTS: What can distract a dog’s attention?

DORA: Let’s think. What do dogs like to chase?

Both DORA and BOOTS glance at TICO the squirrel.

DORA (breaks fourth wall): Can you think of anything?

TICO (mumbles under his breath): Vete al infierno.

TICO runs back and forth in front of CERBERUS. All three heads follow TICO, and then CERBERUS gives chase, leaving the Gates of Asphodel unguarded.

DORA grabs a Golden Bough, then she and BOOTS pass through the gate and are immediately engulfed in a thick fog.

The music that heralds SWIPER begins.

DORA: Boots, do you hear that?

BOOTS: Swiper!

DORA: Do you see him? We can’t let him get the Golden Bough or we’ll be lost in this fog forever.

SWIPER enters, standing right between DORA and BOOTS.

BOOTS (stands on tiptoes to see DORA over SWIPER): I can’t see him. The fog is too thick.

DORA (breaks fourth wall): Do you see Swiper? Where?

SWIPER makes a grab for the Golden Bough.

DORA: Swiper, no swiping!

BOOTS: Swiper, no swiping!

SWIPER: Oh, goddamnit.

SWIPER fades back into fog.

DORA and BOOTS cross the field.

DORA: We did it! There are two paths. Do we go left or right to get to Elysium? What does Map say?

MAP appears to show the road to Tartarus on the left and the road to Elysium on the right.

DORA: Which way? Right or left? Right. Correcto.

DORA and BOOTS enter Elysium and find ABUELA sipping a banana daiquiri on a hammock.

DORA: Abuela!

ABUELA: Dora! Boots! Dios mio! I thought I’d finally earned some peace and quiet not to mention an end to all the monkey poop.

DORA: Abuela, we’re here for your flan recipe. Tia Rosa wants it.

ABUELA: Oh, she does, does she?

DORA: Yes, she says you promised you’d give it to her when you died.

ABUELA: I actually said she’d have to pry it from my cold dead hands, but six of one, as they say.

ABUELA gives the recipe to DORA who puts it in BACKPACK.

BACKPACK: Yum, yum, yum. Delicioso!

ABUELA: Considering Rosa’s cooking skills, I wouldn’t bet on it.

ALL laugh and begin to sing: We did it! Hooray!

DORA: We had an amazing adventure today. What was your favorite part? (waits a beat) I liked that too.

BOOTS: My favorite part was killing Benny the Bull and burning his body on a pyre.

DORA: Me too. (breaks fourth wall): Y tu eres complice de asesinato.

BOOTS: What does that mean, Dora?

DORA: That means . . . (looks at viewer again, with dark meaning) we couldn’t have done it without you. Muchas gracias!

BOOTS: See you in hell, I mean, next time!


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